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[debate] My part

The fifth stage” genital stage” is the teenage time. It actually continues until development stops and adulthood starts. That period time is as same as senior high school. This stage represents the major portion of life. This time the energy is expressed with adult sexuality. The ego in the genital stage is well-developed, and so uses secondary process thinking, which allows symbolic gratification. The symbolic gratification may include the formation of love relationships and families, or acceptance of responsibilities associated with adulthood.

According to the theory, we shouldn’t force senior high school students separate into two sides. Single-sex school might deprive teenager’s authority of development. It’s the time they need to take lesson in opposite sex.

What’s more, the segregation of young men and women leads to an undue preoccupation with sex while joint education of the sexes creates a more natural and s of healthier sexual atmosphere. If the sexes are educated together, we should have the healthy, moral and intellectual stimulus of sex ever quickening and refining all the faculties. On the opposite side, students who study in single-sex school might have gender stereotype.